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"Providing the best in ecological pest control and solutions for a healthy home "

Our way of life is in finding solutions that satisfy true customer needs, and contribute towards building a vibrant, sustainable future. We strive to make a space for continual innovation and creation of ecological technology that is mindful of the environment, health, as well as social justice. It is important to us that our customers experience great results through green methods, and enjoy the way our ecological solutions look and feel. Eco Bug Doctor Inc. is working to make green technology accessible to everyone, no matter where you are in the world.


Eco Bug Doctor Inc. had its humble beginning in the late 90s, as the unique ecological pest control company in Montreal. At the time, natural pest control was a bit of a curiosity, though there was a growing demand for safe, reliable solutions to pest problems. As public concern about the safety of pesticides mounted, cities began to take steps to protect their citizens against unnecessary pesticide exposure. The City of Westmount , one of the early cities to produce pesticide bylaws, then engaged Paul Maloney, the founder of Eco Bug Doctor, to help find natural solutions to the pest problems. The year was 1997. Challenged as an entomologist, Paul developed new, ecological pest control technologies, free of synthetic chemicals. Customers often commented that the ecological approach was much more thorough, offering long-lasting results, and being more economical than the chemical approach— on top of being healthier and better for the environment. ECO Bug Doctor Inc., from the start, distinguished itself from the conventional pest control companies, striving to offer clients long-lasting results and the peace of mind that comes with getting a job done well.





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